The Sirocco


Top-of-the-range anti-pollution mask made 100% in France. This very classy model, features ergonomics and a unique design, to offer you a very comfortable, trendy and quality protection.

It consists of a technical fabric, real leather, an exclusive technical memory foam, as well as an anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial imitation leather, for a pleasant contact with your face.

The fabric is hand washable only.

It is compatible with helmet use and limits fogging thanks to its patented thermoforming system.

The materials used and the handcrafted execution of this model make it more than a simple protective accessory, but a unique, high quality mask that instantly stands out!

The mask is sold with its removable filter and is sealed. Unsealed products are neither taken back nor exchanged.


Color : Camel
Size : M
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A patented technology for your health

The Sirocco has an exclusive patented device that allows thermoforming. Indeed, it has a memory foam that will adapt perfectly to your morphology. Our innovation improves comfort and totally reduces inward leakage for maximum watertightness.

Its removable filter is the result of our nano filtration technology. It will be effective against fine and ultra-fine particles up to 0.3 microns at 99.97%, pollens, viruses and bacteria.

The filter is changed every two weeks on average depending on your use.




Bacteria &


Pollen &


(including covid19)


Dust &
fine particles