Filters subscription


99.9% effective against fine and ultra-fine particles up to 0.3 microns, pollens, viruses and bacteria, it ensures optimal protection.

1 Refill: 2 filters

Refills for 3 months : 6 refills or 12 filters : sent in one shipment

Refills for 6 months : 12 refills or 24 filters : sent quarterly in 2 shipments.

Refills for 9 months : 18 refills or 36 filters : sent quarterly in 3 shipments.

Protect yourself at all times by opting for a subscription. Receive your filter refills in one to three shipments depending on your subscription to limit your carbon footprint.

Preparation times can vary from 3 to 5 working days. Sealed products. Unsealed products are neither taken back nor exchanged.

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Type de masque : Sirocco
Filtres : Double recharge
Size : M
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Our subscriptions are based on the use of 4 filters per month, i.e. one per week. We recommend regular washing of the Mask, it constitutes a first barrier to dust and fine particles. 

Our estimate of usage in filter duration is an average. The duration of the filters may vary from one person to another depending on the type of use (work, travel, outdoor activities, etc.), the environment (urban, rural), the daily duration of use, etc. For this reason, we recommend regular washing of the Mask, the first barrier to dust and particles.

Features :

The filter consists of several layers: inner layers with electrostatic characteristics, which stop harmful particles in the air, and outer layers of soft and resistant contact.




Bacteria &


Pollen &


(including covid19)


Dust &
fine particles