An artist from Ile de France collaborates with Le Mask Français

Nicolas Poirier alias Bishop Parigo is a Parisian artist. Specialized in the contemporary urban universe, he evolves in a colorful world where the smile is king, and the carefree master.

An artist from Ile de France collaborates with Le Mask Français

It was in 2019 that Simon Sow, the founder, met Bishop Parigo alias Nicolas Poirier when the latter was creating a fresco at the Village By CA Brie-Picardie where le Mask Français was incubated. 

As an artist and illustrator, he draws on all possible supports, small birds, animals or small colorful and tender monsters that become his trademark. He talks about it in the following way :

"The bird is a rather graphic animal and bearer of values of peace, freedom and love. It's a little character that I like and that I've made evolve because at the beginning it was a small monster in the shape of a fish. Today, everyone can see what they want: a penguin, a chick, a Shadock, I can hear everything".

The walls of the city of Lagny-sur-Marne are covered with his ephemeral works of small colorful and very nice birds. Since 2015, he has continued a series of paintings exhibitions and collaborations.

It is through his universe that Simon was seduced and the understanding was shared. From this meeting was born a first collaboration: the 2020 summer collection in limited edition. Initially planned for the spring, it was finally launched in July once the health crisis had subsided. 

The first in a long series, because Bishop Parigo will be honored every year for new editions!

Find him on instagram @bishopparigo